Battle of the Bulge
Avalon Hill
First produced


1 x map board, 22" x 28"
1 x instruction folder;
- basic game rules
1 x battle manual;
- tournament game rules
- historical commentary
- examples and diagrams of play
104 x US order of battle counters
91 x German order of battle counters
1 x German order of appearance card
1 x US order of appearance card
1 x time record card
1 x battle results table
1 x dice

Recapture history in a battle game that was to D-Day what Gettysburg was to the American Civil War.

Place the same Regiments, Brigades and Panzer Units over a realistic topographical map of the actual battle area.
Basic game; an introduction to war-gaming.
Tournament game; for the true aficionado; as challenging as chess, only more versatile.

Brigadier General McAuliffe’s 101st airborne division is hopelessly encircled at Bastogne. The German commander demands that you surrender or face complete annihilation. Your reply note reads "NUTS - the American Commander". Truly one of the most inspiring rebuffs in the annals of military history.

The Battle of the Bulge exploded on December 16th 1944, along an 85 mile front from Monschau Germany, south to Echternach Luxembourg, in Belgium's Ardennes sector.

Technical advice by General Anthony C. McAuliffe, US (Retired). View a list of other Avalon Hill Games.
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