Line in the sand
TSR Inc.
First produced
2 to 6


  An exciting Middle East simulation where players draw the line for political, economic and military control in this volatile region.
Based on actual events during Operation Desert Shield, players can pursue either diplomatic resolutions or use shock and awe with state of the art combat jets, F-117A stealth fighters, tanks and even nuclear and chemical weapons. A realistic simulation for both military strategists and political intrigue fans alike.
  Contents Notes

1 x colour game board of the Persian Gulf region

162 x counters with plastic bases; armour, mechanized infantry, infantry, army corps and naval groups
195 x counters; including aircraft eg. C-130s and stealth fighters, nuclear and chemical weapons markers
6 x playing aid cards
1 x diplomatic pad and diplomatic pouch envelopes

4 x dice
1 x 20 page basic game rule book
1 x 16 page diplomatic game rule book

  "Iraq will not be permitted to annexe Kuwait . That's not a threat, not a boast. That's just the way it's going to be." US President George Bush 24/09/90 .
"Burn the soil under the feet of the aggressors and invaders." Iraqi President Saddam Hussein 10/08/90 .
Will you take a cautious diplomatic approach or be forced to launch an attack using the full extent of your arsenal? A Line in the Sand features five game scenarios ranging from an introductory game to a full scale six player diplomatic version. The basic game is played in 1 hour or less. The grand strategic game may last up to 3 hours.
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