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We aim to offer a comprehensive support service to board games players and collectors.

The range of games includes vintage, classic, antique, traditional, old, as well as modern board games.

This on-line service includes:-

  • An A-Z illustrated catalogue of board games; most of which are no longer available to buy new, and many are now collectors’ items. Some of these from our personal collection are available for sale.

  • A spare parts service. You may be able to replace any lost or damaged parts to games that you can’t now play or enjoy to the full.

  • A games rules/instructions replacement service. We may be able to provide you with original or replacement rules for your favourite game.

  • Features. Read regular reviews of games and board game trivia.
    Just click the Library for detailed references, photographs, reviews, contents lists, features and background information on board games.

    Click Games and Spares buttons for alphabetical lists of games in our collection (showing availability of complete editions and spare parts/rules).

    Use the Information and Contact buttons for further details on any of the games listed or for other board games requests.


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